Wire Transfer (Flywire)

Cornell University has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for our international and U.S. students who need to wire funds to the university. International students will save on exchange rates, and in most cases can pay in their local currencies. U.S. students will enjoy the benefits of faster payment processing and the ability to track their payments.

Access Flywire to wire funds.

If you anticipate financial aid or a scholarship, and that amount has not been applied to your account when you send payment, be sure to take the amount of aid you expect into account when sending your payment and reduce the amount accordingly.


  • No hidden bank fees
  • 24x7 multilingual customer support by chat, Skype, email, and telephone
  • Faster than traditional wire transfers (2-3 business days)
  • Track the status of your payment online

Make sure your pop-up blocker is off when accessing the site.

If you wire more funds than what is due on the student’s account, we will return the overpayment to the originating bank or the student may opt to keep the credit on the account to cover future charges. The overpayment amount will not be refunded. If you have questions about our policies or procedures for wire transfers, please contact our office before you initiate the payment.